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Step 4: Computation of the Overall Outranking Intensity Index
For example, for the outranking method the file should start with the names of the criteria in one line, followed by each alternative evaluation in next lines, and finally the parameters of the method (Fig.
5 shows an example of FMCDM problem considered for applying the outranking method.
9 shows the result of the outranking method applied to the sniper gun selection problem with [beta] = 0.
10 clearly shows, increasing the value of [beta] decreases the overall outranking intensity value for alternative [a.
For example, one may consider inferring the veto-related parameters from outranking examples, as shown in Dias and Mousseau (2006).
Fuzzy MADM: An outranking method, European Journal of Operational Research 145: 317-328.
PROMETHEE: A new family of outranking methods in multicriteria analysis, in Brans, J.
The latter, ranked 15 in sales on NPD's Intelect list of the Top 100 Childrens titles during the third quarter of 2001, outranking all of the Barbie titles for that quarter.
On the measure of "indispensability," for example, TWC scored 51 percent, far outranking Fox News Channel which scored second with 28 percent and Headline News in third place with a percentage score of 26 percent.
In its "Service Level Management Market Share and Analysis, First Half 2000 and 1999" report, IDC confirms Concord's industry lead in that market segment, outranking Lucent and Computer Associates.
Sterling rated "excellent," the survey's highest rating category, in seven of the 10 criteria and "very good" in the remaining three - outranking the database comparisons in every category.