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OUTRIDERS, Eng. law. Bailiffs errant, employed by the sheriffs and their deputies, to ride to the furthest places of their counties or hundreds to summon such as they thought good, to attend their county or hundred court.

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He said: "There was a lot of traffic around, it as at that time of day at Hillsborough, it gets busy, and much to my disgust the outrider left us to our own devices at that stage.
Outrider Journal Publisher Jason Black added, “We offered every subscriber a full refund, but some chose to leave their subscriptions with us.
Under the partnership Outrider will function as a global provider of Inktomi search engine submissions.
Alliant's Outrider was the target of the Army's previous attempt at TUAV procurement, but the service ended its sole-source relationship with the company in March, leading to the release in May of yet another request for proposals for a TUAV system, a capability the Army has sought since 1979 (see "UAVs: 100 Eyes in the Sky," JED, June 1999, p.
Among Stow's books of poetry are Act One (1957), Outrider (1962), and A Counterfeit Silence (1969).
BAE Systems will showcase three vehicles that meet the needs of Special Operations Command (SOCOM) operators -- the Sentinel, RG33 4x4, and RG Outrider.
0 million working capital facility offered by an associate of Outrider Management LLC.
In the fire station's early days, an Auxiliary Fire Service unit - equipped with a 'Green Goddess' fire engine and, for a time, a motorcycle outrider - shared the building with the Warwickshire Fire Service, but the AFS was disbanded in 1968.
The 61-year-old was trying to cross the road after watching the main body of cyclists pass by, when she was struck by the outrider.
His role was to act not only as an outrider for Blair, but as a lightning conductor.
Kirk Gee, outrider for Con Safos Press, has been seen flogging a couple of new projects in odd ways lately.