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I just did not expect that my SP city Ganesh Saha Sir would outrightly reject the irrational argument and talk about my injury.
Certain key policies and their enforcement are, he claims, cruel, culturally insensitive, and outrightly immoral.
If one considers the real context to Paul Dale's statement, the fact remains that 46 per cent of the Birmingham electorate that bothered to vote (18 per cent total turnout, if memory serves me correctly), outrightly opposed the concept of the elected mayor.
But let's not forget this is the same party which outrightly refused to call Jean McConville's disgusting murder a crime.
debate, said most people were ``cautious, suspicious or outrightly hostile'' about GM crops.
Stressing that it had not yet reached any conclusions and reserving the option of outrightly blocking a bidding party' the watchdog invited more comment ahead of a definitive decision later this summer.
If, regrettably, critical thought today becomes more and more extinct in periodical literature, one must hope that an essay in reconsideration can help save something of the old criticism in an Arnoldian sense in the mainstream literary climate that outrightly denies (and, yes, even rages against) not only the defense of values and standards but also the belief that "ideas have consequences.
He starts by disagreeing outrightly with those historians who have focused on the decline of Ottoman manufacture in the face of European competition by focusing on the course of cloth manufacturing, which he finds "more complicated and interesting than flat assertions of decline" (p.
Boastful and ambitious, he made misleading or outrightly false statements about himself, won as many enemies as admirers, and made himself a tool of his patrons.
The spokesman outrightly rejected India's allegations of Pakistan being responsible for a terror attack in Indian occupied Kashmir and went on to state that unfounded allegations prior to any investigation and evidence are highly regrettable and the international community should take cognisance of this approach.
Also, the Head of Public Affairs, NBC, Hajia Maimuna Jimada confirmed NBC's stand on the trending song to Saturday Tribune on Wednesday, stating that while the regulatory body did not ban the song outrightly, it considered it unfit for broadcast.
Speaking to ANI, Hilal said, "We outrightly reject the role of interlocutor in resolving the Kashmir issue.