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In terms of its color, no lawn outshines an expanse of crabgrass in midsummer, and if it did not die each winter, it would make an excellent lawn substitute.
All our players are at the same talent level, no one outshines the other.
This investment protection of integrating the old servers with new servers outshines other vendors, including data warehouse appliances, who often have to swap out their older systems to introduce new technology into the customer's environment.
So far, the main lesson derived from the Infergen effort is that in the absence of overwhelming evidence that one product outshines another - or in the case of Epogen and Neupogen, products that are the only games in town - winning the hearts and minds of opinion leaders is essential.
A supernova is an exploding star that is so bright it outshines the combined glow of millions of neighboring stars in a galaxy.
Easy to grow, it also offers foliage that outshines many flowers with the bonus of a show all summer.
Jeff Corbo, Falcon Broadband's Technical Operations Manager, said: "The Access211 outshines them all.
UK's 2AAA mini pocket light offers a high-intensity eLED lamp putting out a beam that outshines lights many times its class.
Kylie Bisutti outshines Kim Kardashian wearing Carmen Steffens Angela crystal snake peep-toe
Brightec dramatically outshines typical glow-in-the-dark products and can luminesce overnight.
The technology industry has it select captains of trade, however most anyone in the Bay Area can be the captain of their own ship, and that is a feeling that outshines any stock option bonus.