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Ramzan Kadyrov, leader of Russia's volatile Chechnya region, outshone a team of former international footballers including Diego Maradona by scoring a hat-trick in a friendly match on Wednesday.
ON SPARKLING FORM: Charlotte, left, outshone Fearne, Denise and Rachel
The latter had elements in common with Semper's designs for the Munich Festspielhaus which would have outshone the Paris Opera as the grandest theatre of the nineteenth century as well as being his greatest achievement, had it been realised.
Not to be outshone by the classics and muscle cars, the first production 2006 Ford GTX1 roadster, Lot #726, will cross the block as well.
2) Dolphins QB Dan Marino was outshone by Drew Bledsoe of the Patriots, who passed for 423 yards in the Patriots' 26-23 victory.
Transparent though her dancing is, she risked being outshone by a dazzling quartet Deborah Bull and Leanne Benjamin with Stuart Cassidy and William Trevitt) moving across the stage to a ground bass of funky corps dancers.
Not to be outshone, female firefleas also release the distinctivelight, but apparently do so for an entirely different reason that comes under the "burglar alarm hypothesis,' according to Morin.
It was all they needed, thanks to a 36-save effort from goaltender Jocelyn Thibault, who outshone a 32-save performance from the Kings' Frederic Chabot.
In management and administration, the SL3200 significantly outshone its competitors with excellent diagnostics, extensive logging and centralized management.
Summary: Royal Dutch Shell has outshone its troubled rival BP, after revealing a near-doubling in annual profits to Au11.
It was unbelievable,'' East co-coach Glenda Potts of Highland said of the six future Division I pitchers who outshone the hitters.
In the next 50 years--and beyond--the ability to generate electricity with nuclear energy will grow even more important, but it may be outshone by the potential to produce hydrogen using nuclear technology, and to make available the waters of the world's oceans to grow crops and quench thirsts in arid regions," he said.