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The 16GB Nexus 7 outshone the 16GB Transformer Pad 300 and 64GB Transformer Pad Infinity in a (http://www.
Bopara, who is sure to be one of the names under discussion if Jonathan Trott is not declared fit for the Third Test against India, added just 25 to his firstinnings 19 as some less-experienced names once again outshone him.
Summary: Ramzan Kadyrov, leader of Russia's Chechnya region, outshone a team of former footballer stars including Diego Maradona during a friendly.
2 : to do better than : outdo <We outshone our competition.
Others on the list were Madonna, who outshone Britney with the sale of 96,511.
The glow was so bright that it outshone the entire galaxy that hosts the star.
The people who will be most satisfied with The Boy From Oz are those who can't get enough of Hugh Jackman, He's likable in his lanky, flesh-faced Tommy Tune way, although he's slightly outshone in the adorability department by 11-year-old Mitchel David Federan, who plays the chubby, tap-dancing; butt-wagging Young Peter, underscoring the showbiz maxim about sharing the stage with kids animals.
If novelty outshone craftsmanship, the most effective of the works employed either visual punch lines or repetition to make an impression, while several of the short works served to frame some terrific dancing.
For half a minute, the burst outshone the gamma rays from all the rest of the universe.
One of the frescoes of the Macellum in Pompeii, now thought to have been one of the prosperous southern Italian city's principal food markets which, in its day, plainly outshone the glory of the food halls of London's Harrods and Berlin's KDW.
King and Stokely Carmichael, touch the Dues lives and are outshone only by the stories the Dues share to honor the extraordinary generosity and bravery of everyday people who gave to the struggle despite overwhelming odds.