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Outside and very near was an intermittent, metallic rattle.
Outside, the soil was banked high against the house.
she said, waving her hand comprehensively at the good world outside.
Looking at him instinctively, in the natural expectation that he would take the lead in penetrating the mystery of what had happened outside the window, the two women were thunderstruck to see that he was, to all appearance, even more startled and more helpless than they were.
Then she ran through the kitchen-gardens again and out into the walk outside the long ivy-covered wall, and she walked to the end of it and looked at it, but there was no door; and then she walked to the other end, looking again, but there was no door.
The servants outside heard how she cried the whole night, and they told their master in the morning.
They sat side by side outside the window, whispering and listening.
His weight told, and he dragged her up from the hole and they fell together on the floor outside the zone of slipperiness.
Besides which, your efforts to get a glimpse of the public house clock from the outside are attended with great difficulties.
At the same instant the trainer spoke with sharp imperativeness and raised his whip, while the men on the outside lifted their irons and advanced them intimidatingly into the cage.
I won't leave you altogether,' she said, 'I will wait outside.
MY first conviction as soon as I found myself outside the house, was that no alternative was left me but to act at once on the information I had received--to make sure of the Count that night, or to risk the loss, if I only delayed till the morning, of Laura's last chance.