outside surface

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These also he set in clay and when the house had been entirely completed he applied a coating of the clay to the entire outside surface to the thickness of four inches.
But the most impressive aspect of the suit is the way it can be relatively easily doffed without touching any of the outside surfaces.
This study investigates the persistence of fibers on the inside and outside surfaces of ski masks during transit to the FBI Laboratory and during evidence processing to see if separate examinations of the inside and outside of a mask are valuable and warranted.
Other strong indicators of energy saving are: The cold room or freezer feels a lot colder inside; The evaporator is noticeably working less; warning sirens indicating that the temperature is unacceptably high, especially in the summer months, are no longer heard; personnel standing directly outside a freezer fitted with Cold Stop will feel only ambient air; the outside surface of a Cold Stop curtain will be the same as the ambient and yet the inside will hold the cold room temperature.
It was also seen that, as the outside surface changed color and hardened, there was a non-uniform recovery of the sample, with the interior compressed contact area recovering closer to its original position.
The BAG Gripper provides a constant, negative pressure on the outside surface of the plastic bag that keeps it pulled tight against the sides of the dust drum.
The high-tech ceramic material keeps the outside surface far cooler than any gas grill, making it safer to use.
Perfectly drawn this morning between two tiny, inexperienced bitches, with `dangers' Rattlesnake Mint and Capitol Girl likely to get bogged down on the sticky outside surface, Culmore Penny will be carrying a chunk of my hard-earned if priced realistically at around 2-1.
Oxygen moves from the inside of each membrane to its outside surface, where bacteria are present in colonies called biofilms.
By adding the insulation around the pipe the outside surface area is increased, which will increase the heat transfer.