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Summary: Manama insists it has no policy that endorses acts outside the law
We will always support our members and if that takes us outside the law, so be it.
McDonald said prosecutors were acting outside the law.
Anything done outside the law or without paying the taxes should be strictly suppressed.
Inspection teams from the Ministry visited 50 manufacturing units in the Al-Shafa district in south Riyadh, pulling the shutters down on businesses it found to be operating outside the law.
The committee said then-Governor Dave Heineman's failure to declare an overcrowding emergency created a culture in which administrators dealt with crowded conditions "in the shadows" and at times outside the law.
BAGHDAD / NINA / Vice President Osama Nujaifi on Tuesday that "the situation is now in need of cooperation and collaboration in order to eliminate terrorism and unrestrained militias operating outside the law.
No one in our country can be outside the law," Ivanishvili said, adding "Saakashvili's government was such previously, but today everyone is responsible under the law.
A BAHRAIN religious council has lodged an appeal against a court's decision to dissolve it for acting outside the law.
County District Attorney's Office who sometimes operates outside the law in order to uphold it.
In fact it is obvious that utter stupidity is a prerequisite for choosing a life outside the law.
A rogue officer acting outside the law should not result in the loss of trust between the PSNI and An Garda SE[degrees]ochEina.