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Similarly, Naples (1999) suggests the insider-outsider binary fails to recognise insiderness and outsiderness as constructed and shifting identities, and masks relationships of power that exist between participants and researchers.
In other words, the very term "migration museum" may sound offensive to some because it turns a secondary aspect of their identity as a human being into a primary identity marker, a marker that has at times been associated with otherness and outsiderness.
Furthermore, my own sense of insider-ness or outsiderness changed significantly over time.
He said: "We all experience outsiderness, we all experience trying to fit in.
Lezos Verges, Essay, "Aliens" In Our Midst Post 9/11: Legislating Outsiderness within the Borders, 38 U.
In the late 1930s, however, she begins to re-define outsiderness in more radical terms.
Although programs like WAC certainly encourage our writing center roots to spread throughout the university, in large part, the paradigm that considers the writing center's place within the larger university is one of disconnect, opposition, difference, and even outsiderness.
The two Joes are linked first and foremost by their shared first name, Joe, and further by their outsiderness, their liquor selling, their similar economic status, their cohabitation.
Concomitantly, the concept of outsiderness refers to the act of examining a culture or organization that is unfamiliar to the researcher.
Other traditions, each in their own ways, recognize their outsiderness in American culture" (272).
For example, Finkelstein and Hambrick (1996) suggest finer-grained conceptions of a successor's insiderness or outsiderness (rather than the dichotomous distinction used in this study) might yield a more precise measure for successor origin.