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For that reason I have been with you a little outspoken,--for that reason and another which I think you know of.
The frankness of such a secretly outspoken thought could not go without some derisive self-criticism.
Everhard might have drawn a better illustration from the Southern Church's outspoken defence of chattel slavery prior to what is known as the "War of the Rebellion.
Marvell's satires were so witty and so outspoken that once or twice he was in danger of punishment because of them.
His attitude toward his audiences was that of a learned schoolmaster, whose ideas they should accept with deferential respect; and when they did not approve his plays he was outspoken in indignant contempt.
Happy together, they would never forgive that outspoken hostility--and should the marriage turn out badly .
But insiders say his outspoken views were having the opposite effect in Britain, where Eminem will pay two gigs at Twickenham in July.
Chastain, who has been outspoken about issues regarding inequality in the past, responded to the criticism in a series of tweets and conceded that the cover was a "sad look".
The outspoken Remain campaigner said most of the UK Cabinet did not have a clue what Brexit will look like and described predictions of positive agreements as "arrogant nonsense".
FORMER glamour model Katie Price has been made a panellist on Loose Women - and plans to be "the most outspoken of them all".
CANADA'S outspoken Miss World contestant said she has been barred from entering China to take part in this year's pageant in the southern island province of Hainan.
Despite being outspoken, Kelly would never consider getting involved in politics.