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Iraqi Oil Minister Outspokenly Supports Division of Iraq
Patrick Bamford is unlikely to be one of them; the Chelsea youngster outspokenly ended his loan spell at Crystal Palace after the Swans draw after a lack of game time and potentially opened the door for a Liberty move but Curtis denied any knowledge of Swansea interest.
More recently, Major-General Patrick Cordingley has outspokenly opposed Trident.
Since I defended it at the MKYK [the AK Party's Central Decision and Administration Board meetings], I now outspokenly say it: Our business is to export goods and services, not the [style of] regime.
This year's theme is Up In The Air and as well as music across three stages, includes an arts lineup with PG rated comedy from Edinburgh Festival performers Funz and Gamez, Pappy's and Slightly Fat Features and some of the nation's most outspokenly interesting characters Billy Bragg, Viv Albertine and Andy Kershaw.
We need someone who will outspokenly challenge the possible no-election scenario.
The fact that Mehring was outspokenly anti-Communist also hindered his cooperation with some of the more prominent anti-fascist groups.
On the 50th day of Operation Defense Edge, people living in the south were outspokenly critical of Chief of Staff Lt.
Will the luminaries be brave enough to tell frankly and outspokenly that at present in the ubiquitous loathing of the mass of our people is the whole of the political tribe without exception, and that none is the people's darling.
This should not come as a surprise to anyone: The ruling coalition represents the political platform of the majority of its members, who are staunchly and outspokenly against the concept of a sovereign Palestinian state in any part of historical Palestine.
The AAPS, which is outspokenly critical of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), has been hosting a series of workshops providing tips to physicians on how to move to cash-only practice and how to drop Medicare.
In recent days, we saw Saudi diplomacy oppose, criticize outspokenly, and reprimand eastern and western powers, especially the United States, for their failure to pursue the peace process or stop the daily killing in Syria.