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Even the Conservative chair of the Defence Select Committee Crispen Blunt, a former Army officer, is outspokenly against replacing Trident.
In recent days, we saw Saudi diplomacy oppose, criticize outspokenly, and reprimand eastern and western powers, especially the United States, for their failure to pursue the peace process or stop the daily killing in Syria.
In part for her perceived dovishiness, Yellen has been outspokenly backed by many Democrats in Congress and opposed by some Republicans.
Hollywood insiders, from writers to gamers to movie directors, now see the impact of having someone so outspokenly homophobic on their payroll.
The Japanese government has defended its purchase of the islands, saying it was meant to keep them out of the hands of an outspokenly nationalistic ex-governor of Tokyo.
Yvonne is outspokenly grateful to Gleneagles, based in Cupar, Fife, for all the work they have done to make Joe's and her life easier.
Notably missing from his address was any mention of the Syrian crisis, despite Qatar hosting the Friends of Syria conference last weekend and being outspokenly committed to arming the rebels fighting forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad.
Greeley could be too Catholic for some on the secular left and the most embittered of the church's dissidents, as well as too outspokenly liberal for the Catholic establishment, but he was always a compelling and commercially successful player on the American stage.
London, Feb 17 ( ANI ): A reporter from Sri Lanka's most outspokenly anti-government newspaper has been shot by a group of unidentified men at his home near the capital, Colombo.
The holiday coincides with one of Kazakhstan's biggest opposition crackdowns of the last years that has hit the anti-Nazarbayev opposition and the few outspokenly critical press.
Though he and Pitbull both hail from Miami, Rubio is outspokenly critical of the Cuban rapper Pitbull.
While indeed Iran has been the nation most outspokenly critic of Israel, and is actively working to thwart the Western-backed insurgency in Syria, there is no evidence of its support for "terrorism".