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They're all big boys so I'm sure they can take it, but while 'frustrated middle-aged liberal' Lee admits something of a strange admiration for Jeremy Clarkson's idiot/genius outspokenness, he aims the bulk of a carefully-constructed tirade at "baby bear" - and former Solihull schoolmate - Richard Hammond.
The elder Netanyahu is known for his outspokenness and extreme right-wing views--and he did nothing to contradict his reputation.
According to the Southern Metropolis, a mainland daily known for outspokenness, the 40-year-old woman, identified only by surname Liu, operated an underground clinic in the Baoan district of Shenzhen, which lies just across the border with Hong Kong.
Outspokenness is welcome within reason but turning it into a roaring rumpus is unacceptable.
Woods has previous form and once sacked a former caddie for outspokenness - and his words were nowhere near as inflammatory as Williams'.
Aso is popular with a certain segment of people because of his outspokenness, Mr.
But what our governments do in our names is because we have in some way been complicit if only through our silence; therefore I respect and applaud your outspokenness on this issue.
In the end, however, Bhutto's outspokenness following her recent return to Pakistan and her refusal to be deterred from campaigning publicly despite the ever-present danger to her own life may well be what many people remember about her.
The Robin Hood actor, who has called Bob Geld of a fool, admits Lily gets her outspokenness from him and that they often argue.
Despite the company's action, Powell continued to feel uncomfortable with Kreutz's outspokenness about her religion.
Matt, who has commendations for bravery, believes he is the target of a long-standing campaign by senior officers to get him out the force because of his outspokenness.