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The witch-doctor, having no idea of the meaning of the other's words, danced a few strange steps, leaped high in the air, turning completely around and alighting in a stooping posture with feet far outspread and head thrust out toward the ape-man.
Happy the man who sees from either aspect the glory of these outspread wings.
Grewgious saw a ghastly figure rise, open-mouthed, from the easy-chair, and lift its outspread hands towards its head.
asked Nastasya, balancing a saucer on her five outspread fingers and sipping tea through a lump of sugar.
HANGU -- The Provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa failed to make arrangements for fumigation against dengue mosquito resulting in the outspread of dengue fever in Kohat Division increasing the number of victims to 200.
We believe that working with our new partner is a great opportunity to provide our services for people in Kenya, and outspread our network of professionals.
In outspread form a balance condition becomes a transcendental system of algebraic and integral equations, because its solutions are unambiguous only then, when the droplet surface temperature function of time [T.
It thereby witnessed a big density of people, yet such a feature started to weaken down with the outspread of Gypsies' camps that made out of the region quasi-villages, hence declining the tourism environment in said region.
UCS has achieved remarkable success and is ranked at the top list nationwide, in terms of role, outspread, capital and profits.
One of the concerns raised in the proposal was that the practice of giving hibah to the depositors in this manner will become an outspread practice ('urf) forbidden by the Shari'ah.
When temperature was low, both sexes commonly basked on the foliage of bushes, with their wings either half open or almost fully outspread.
To reach these beatific acres, he shall have to slowly traverse the purgatorial hinterland, those "barren places" outspread between the new and old cities: "On my last day here, I will walk carefully through the barren places and find the past again, the old city .