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With outspread, raking talons and bared fangs Numa sprang for the naked chest of the ape-man.
Gahan, his curiosity aroused by the legends surrounding this portion of the palace, crossed to the dais to examine the figure that apparently had fallen from it, to find the dried and shrivelled corpse of a man lying upon his back on the floor with arms outstretched and fingers stiffly outspread.
He started at the rash question, and looked at me with hands outspread in irrepressible astonishment.
Ah, you have no remembrance of love for the charming maidens that danced beneath the outspread tents beside the bright fragrant flowers?
Happy the man who sees from either aspect the glory of these outspread wings.
Grewgious saw a ghastly figure rise, open-mouthed, from the easy-chair, and lift its outspread hands towards its head.