outstanding debt

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Purchases bought by bulk in partnership had to be equitably divided, outstanding debts canceled, accounts compared, and trunks, boxes and packages labeled.
The time consumed in performing this process, and the further delay occasioned by paying small outstanding debts to tradespeople, and settling with the owner of the house, detained us till nearly noon before we were ready to get into the landlord's cart.
Outstanding debt of Scottish farms increased seven per cent over the past year, according to the latest National Statistics released by Scotland's Chief Statistician.
According to Finance Ministry data, the Sofia Municipality achieved one of the biggest decreases in outstanding debt by over BGN 5.
In FY 2002, the city, state, MTA and PA combined for $125 billion in outstanding debt, a number that is destined to grow.
On December 22, 2008, the Company suspended payments of principal and interest on its financial debt, and, as a result, all of the Outstanding Debt is in default.
This action is taken during the course of routine surveillance and applies to a total of $8 million in outstanding debt issued by the following districts:
Proceeds will be used to refund a portion of the district's outstanding debt and pay costs of issuance.
Fitch also affirms the 'AA-' long-term foreign and local currency ratings and 'F1+' short-term rating on other outstanding debt obligations of FQ and the Province of Quebec, Canada.
The upgrade to 'A-' from 'BBB+' is based on the district's strong and improved general fund reserve levels, substantial state support for outstanding debt, and solid tax base growth resulting from the eastward expansion of the El Paso area economy.

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