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The Manila Bulletin (MB) bagged yesterday the grand prize for Outstanding Feature Story at the 12th Lasallian Scholarum Awards held at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel for outstanding media coverage of the youth and education.
Inspectors considered the behaviour of pupils in every aspect of school life to be an outstanding feature.
99) is only one example of an outstanding feature narrowing the Boston survey to it's remarkable bridges and spans.
Another outstanding feature of the line is portability," says Thwaites.
In addition to its outstanding feature set, customers value Unicenter SQL-Station for its support of the multiple databases that they use within their enterprise environments.
An outstanding feature of Brown's book is the emphasis given to sculptural programs and to the evidence provided by manuscript illuminations and drawings.
The inspectors said: "Another outstanding feature of the nursery is its partnership with parents and its cooperation with a wide range of agencies to support both families and children.
The school's anti-bullying policy has a high profile and the system of support for dealing with incidents of bullying is also an outstanding feature.
Family,'' said longtime parishioner Joney Cannavo Gasbarro when asked about the outstanding feature of the congregation.
The outstanding feature of the whole concert is the fact that you have such a renowned (musician) who is willing to donate his time to Palmdale to perform with our students in hopes of raising funds for their performing arts program,'' Beard-Williams said.
This outstanding feature lets the user choose the terminal interface they know and prefer while maximizing the investment in both new and existing hardware.

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