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After 14 hours of talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other euro zone leaders, Tsipras was refusing to yield on the last outstanding item on a list of loan terms which some critics say indicated that Berlin wants to humiliate his leftist government and, perhaps, drive Greece from the euro.
In January 2014 having forecast a completion by the end of Q1, then "in the coming weeks" in the 17 March announcement, Petroneft today announced that it will close "within a week", with the only outstanding item being the execution of binding legal documents.
The statement said the coalition wants to make sure that Hezbollah agrees to discuss its arms at the Dialogue sessions, which it said remains the outstanding item on the agenda.
The outstanding item for the sideboard has been sourced by MFI as a matter of urgency and will be delivered to the customer as soon as possible.
There was a late scramble to rectify an outstanding item with the Permit to Drill; however, this has been resolved in a timely fashion and we would like to thank the AOGCC for their prompt assistance.
Outstanding item is transmission line interconnection of which work has now begun.
When asked about her work and any personal favourite pieces, the designer struggles to identify any one outstanding item.
This tray was previously among the items in a collection formed by Furst Franz Auersperg and it was during his ownership that it was exhibited as an outstanding item of porcelain production at the museum of Austrian porcelain art in Vienna between March and May 1904.
With additional technology, it can even bring up outstanding item notices, such as returned mail, so that the agent answering the call can be ready to take care of the company's items as well as the client's.
One outstanding item, yet to be formally identified, is a Compaq computer system, with a Hewlett Packard hard drive.

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