outstanding quality

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The outstanding quality of the hotel and its service were frequently cited, as well as its convenient location in the CENU business complex--the heart of the new Morumbi business district--and just 35 kilometers from the Guarulhos International Airport.
While the poem does not necessarily set the tone, it reflects the outstanding quality of work throughout the book.
The companies are being recognized for "shipments of outstanding quality used beverage containers (UBCs) in 2002," according to an Alcoa news release.
AMD and its partners are delivering new thin-and-light notebooks for end-users who require outstanding quality, productivity and performance.
Van den Bergh offered Mitsubishi further praise, going on to say, "The after sales service is of outstanding quality and now we know we selected the best product.
I had an outstanding quality control system, and I believe to this day that we followed and exceeded the professional standards in the performance of all our engagements.
Card's books and audio books are always very popular and of outstanding quality.

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