outstanding quality

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The companies are being recognized for "shipments of outstanding quality used beverage containers (UBCs) in 2002," according to an Alcoa news release.
Van den Bergh offered Mitsubishi further praise, going on to say, "The after sales service is of outstanding quality and now we know we selected the best product.
I had an outstanding quality control system, and I believe to this day that we followed and exceeded the professional standards in the performance of all our engagements.
These new products utilize the MPEG compression technology to provide outstanding quality program channels to deliver Muzak's business music and advertisements to their affiliates.
Using a unique architecture and the latest hardware technology, Codian's products are both easy to use and powerful, offering outstanding quality and performance.
This is a reflection of the strength and outstanding quality of The Magazine's news content which attracts advertisers who want to reach an affluent, engaged and responsive consumer with interests in business, travel, politics, fashion, popular culture, sports, lifestyle and more.
Our rankings on the VHI website can also be credited to the outstanding quality of the providers in our network and the care they are giving to our members.
As a supplier of lead-acid starting batteries for John Deere heavy-duty equipment, Exide was selected for the honor in recognition of its dedication to providing products and service of outstanding quality as well as its commitment to continuous improvement.
Latrobe Specialty Steel is one of the world's leading producers and distributors of specialty steels and alloys, with a reputation for outstanding quality, technical expertise, and service.
During the 24/7 plan, we've launched an entire new lineup of outstanding Hyundai products with industry-leading standard safety technologies, intelligent ergonomic engineering and outstanding quality," said John Krafcik, Vice President of Product Development and Strategic Planning, Hyundai Motor America.
FineLine Prototyping is smart to quickly react to its customers needs and growing demand for outstanding quality parts and deciding to expand its Viper[TM] Pro SLA([R]) System capacity to provide high-class stereolithography prototypes to an even larger customer base," concluded Reichental.
Utilizing EIS's expertise in Interactive Digital TV software and its outstanding quality of services, this collaboration enhances Orca's flexibility to work with a variety of STBs, including low cost versions," said Eyal Adanya, director of business development, Orca Interactive.

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