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One of the Welsh Tourist Board's latest posters declares, over a stunning view of Snowdonia, 'AREA OF OUTSTANDINGLY BAD MOBILE RECEPTION'.
Or, scour your local flea markets or thrift stores for beautiful woven baskets that can be used to replicate the outstandingly expensive gift baskets available at high-end shops, If you like a more modern touch, try what my family calls the "Popeye Standby": newspaper and bright red ribbon.
Peace restored, Bishop (later Saint) Demetrius chose the lay but outstandingly erudite Origen to replace the fugitive Clement as head of the Catechetical School.
That's David's job and he's doing it outstandingly well.
However strange Mayerne's medical reflections and therapeutical advice may sound to us today, he was outstandingly successful in his own time.
The trio I saw was a splendid Silja Schandorff as the Sylphide, who only needed some extra degree of ethereality: Mads Blangstrup, already an outstandingly forthright and tragic James: and Mette Bodtcher as Madge, a little tentative in a debut performance.
These outstandingly prescient personal reports compiled under the title "Conquest of the Land Through 7,000 Years" are available online at http://nativehabitat.
This is an outstandingly informative and hard to put down manual in an excellent series.
Freshway director Graham Wright added: "Over the years, Maurice has been an outstandingly loyal and conscientious colleague.
I thought that France played outstandingly well and they played outstandingly well against Jonny Wilkinson, but we won't be caught this time.
Jahnke and the organizing committees for producing an outstandingly successful meeting.