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But she interrupted him with a quick, glad cry, as she ran toward him with outstretched arms.
With arms outstretched toward the red eye of the great star I stood praying for a return of that strange power which twice had drawn me through the immensity of space, praying as I had prayed on a thousand nights before during the long ten years that I had waited and hoped.
With outstretched arms and practiced running jumps.
Contract notice: purchase and supply 400 000 outstretched farm eel (anguilla anguilla) in 2015
Forward fold – Forward fold –Sit on the floor, legs outstretched.
In one of the pictures, the eldest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis shows off her flat, toned abs and long legs as she kneels on the ground, her arms outstretched and holding onto some sort of rusty saw, Us Magazine reported.
Stand tall with your arms outstretched to both sides and parallel to the ground.
or a king whose outstretched arms both delineate and embrace his realm,
1 Sideways Walking Stand on one side of the pool in chest-deep water, with your arms outstretched for balance.
After you perform five, keep your legs and feet outstretched together, six inches above the ground.
However TV pictures seemed to show that Canty got a touch to the ball before Cooper tripped over his outstretched leg and the CHC have acted by withdrawing the second yellow card and the sending-off has been erased from his disciplinary record.
At around 9pm, Mars will be above and to the left of the Moon, about the length of an outstretched fist away.