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China's own oil supply has been outstripped by its economic boom, and its oil fields have been damaged by flooding during the past few months.
5%, a figure that outstripped the average for European scheduled airlines by 1.
In the past five years the emergence of multi-tiered storage has gained great acceptance, as an organization's ability to generate data has outstripped the ability to scale primary storage systems, either physically or economically.
DEBIT card spending in shops and over the internet outstripped the use of cash for the first time during 2005.
insurers have seen a 15-fold increase in insured losses from catastrophic weather events in the past three decades--increases they say have far outstripped growth in premiums, population and inflation over the same time period.
Lawwell announced the move was so popular demand outstripped supply.
So far in 2005, natural rubber demand globally has outstripped the rise in supply, leading to higher rubber prices," said the managing director of a major Thai rubber company.
Both figures, disclosed in the 2002 Irish national census published this year, easily outstripped population growth.
But the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors said prices in England and Wales were continuing to rise as demand outstripped supply.
For the past two years, flash memory demand has outstripped supply, creating high prices.
IDC said the impact will be felt hardest in Belgium and the Netherlands, where growth of supply is likely to be outstripped by growth of demand by 23%-24%.