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Auto Business News-October 10, 2014--Mercedes-Benz outstrips Audi's monthly sales
This outstrips the Sun and Sun on Sunday readership by more than 25 per cent - more than a quarter of a million Scottish readers.
Prepare for the winter outstrips the schedule, said Minister of Energy Osmonbek Artykbaev at the press conference in "Khabar" on 12 August.
Rubber prices, which are at 20-year highs, will stay firm in the long term as global demand outstrips supply and oil prices boost the cost of alternatives, the Malaysian industry said in a report.
The country is also fraught with power outages as demand outstrips supply.
The deal far outstrips any other offer on the table for the team and essentially gives the franchise a stadium for free with no strings attached.
In fact, demand for new, quality built homes here greatly outstrips supply.
What has been rather antiseptically referred to as a 'racial disparity' is really a gaping divide between whites and nonwhites that far outstrips minority levels in the population or in committing crime.
IBM's Lou Gerstner is described by almost everyone he meets as intense, with a capacity for work that outstrips everyone around him.
And, when supply outstrips demand--like in the middle of the night--prices are cheaper.
In some areas of Northern Ireland asking prices rose sharply last year as demand far outstrips supply.
Here too Harrington finds parallels in programs and outcomes: the zeal of reformers outstrips both the competence of institutions for enforcement and the consensus of those subject to them.