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The information in the data at the time when the forecast is produced is therefore more likely to be consistent with the first release rather than a historically revised final outturn series.
Given the 'special factors' likely to aid the third quarter outturn, coupled with the headwinds of slower euro area growth and the broader risks of the euro area crisis, we would warn against taking such an outturn to imply the UK recovery is gaining pace.
To maximize grade outturn and value recovery from MPB-attacked wood, an optimum grading strategy needs to be established.
The results obtained showed that steaming of soybeans led to higher outturn for both Bossier and Black (Ex Songea) variety when compared to unsteamed (control) soybeans.
4) According to the Bank's assessment, the most probable outturn is the midpoint on the fan, but the probability of realising this exact outturn is relatively small.
It concluded: "At this early point in the year, the board remains comfortable with consensus estimates for the full year outturn.
If you look at the outrageous levels of absence presided over by the previous Labour administration and compare it to our current outturn of 10.
The final outturn for the period depends on performance in the weeks ahead, and particularly over the Christmas period.
The rain also caused late growth, resulting in many crops being 25% too big for packing or processing, he said, adding: "Percentage saleable outturn will be disappointing.
able to achieve its expected outturn for 2004 and this will be reflected in the
The Bank's forecasts have been criticized as systematically biased (although it seems picky to argue with an inflation outturn so very close to target year after year).
But entrepreneurs say that, based on the current policies of high interest rates, they are not surprised by the negative outturn.