outward flow

See: outflow
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The penumbra harbours an outward flow of gas along the horizontal threads.
The penumbra harbors an outward flow of gas along the horizontal threads.
I know they cannot keep on top of it all, but to have an outward flow right there is just horrible.
The two are in search of the heliopause boundary in addition to the outer limits of the sun's magnetic field and the outward flow of solar wind, (https://www.
The slowdown in the outward flow of Qataris investments abroad and the increase in the gross external debt will result in a reduction in the financial account deficit.
He will outline the inward and outward flow of infrastructure investment in the Benelux region and note several examples of projects funded by foreign investment.
Consequently, the government imposed capital controls and took a number of measures to arrest the outward flow of money, curb tax evasion and encourage electronic payments, including restrictions on cash withdrawals at ATMs, remittances, and the use of payment cards abroad.
It seems to be a cylindrical enclosure for vertical axis wind turbine with horizontal opening for inward wind flow and vertical opening for outward flow as shown in Fig.
The rotating heat-sink-impeller, meanwhile, induces a radially outward flow of the ambient surrounding air.
CAPITAL FLIGHT Uncertain economic environment exacerbated by the rentseeking nature of the system and draconian tax administration are some of the major reasons that contribute to the outward flow of money.
This makes it all the more important to examine how some developing countries succeeded in reversing the outward flow.
One of the capital control measures adopted by the Reserve Bank of India is the reduction of the cap on outward flow of remittances from $200,000 to $75,000 per year, which could slow down investments in Dubai's real estate sector.