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The gentle teasing of his brothers, the comradeship of Aya and Yoshi and the support of his parents help Hiro persevere to deal with the difficult situations that the group face as they work together to outwit the cunning Fujita and his followers.
And team-mate Geraint Thomas has promised a helping hand in the battle to outwit holder Alberto Contador.
Like any good popular history, it puts the reader squarely in the action, planning thrust and defense amid tangled woodlands and swamps, with families to protect and a wily foe to outwit.
Herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1), which causes cold sores, uses a short, double-stranded RNA to outwit a cell's defensive measures.
Esther, who hid her Jewish identity, became the empire's queen and with the help of a relative and guardian named Mordecai managed to outwit Haman, a court adviser plotting a mass murder of the empire's Jews.
But one of them works wonders for Wally, transforming him from bog-standard ruminant into a sharp cookie with the mental firepower to outwit the police, the Army, his white-coat wearing creators and a band of international terrorists.
The Crystal Palace manager will try to outwit his good friend when in-form Wanderers visit Selhurst Park for todays's early kick-off.
Mouse Deer is a clever little southeast Asian character who can outwit and outrun just about everyone while playing tricks and practical jokes.
She uses cleverness to outwit the soldiers, however.
Growing up gay taught him the skills he needed to manipulate and outwit the other players, Hatch said, and he never gave his coming-out a second thought.
I had thought that a candidate would have been assessed on his potential ability to outwit the criminal mind rather than his acumen in outwitting a police examiner by means of erudition and English grammar.
A street criminal (Chris Rock) joins forces with a veteran CIA agent (Anthony Hopkins) to outwit an illegal weapons smuggler in BAD COMPANY (Buena Vista Home Entertainment, pounds 12.