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So, as chance directed that he should be the one to discover the body of the sentry when the first alarm had been given following Achmet Zek's discovery that Werper had outwitted him, the crafty black had dragged the dead body to the interior of a nearby tent, and himself resumed his station before the doorway of the hut in which he still believed the woman to be.
It hurt his pride terribly, thus to be outwitted by the small and tender Folk.
And she had outwitted him by resolutely eating no more than would barely keep her alive.
They all laughed at this, for they could afford to be sweet- tempered with a man so badly outwitted as Charley was.
Inspector Jones did not solve the mystery, but it was his idea that finally outwitted Gluck.
It was as if he had tricked and outwitted torturing memories, had actually managed to get on board without them.
54-59) `Son of Iapetus, surpassing all in cunning, you are glad that you have outwitted me and stolen fire -- a great plague to you yourself and to men that shall be.
He had outwitted the lawyers in the preliminary negotiations thus far.
To reach up to the bell was what he did not like; to cry aloud for help would have availed him little; besides, how ashamed would he have been to be found caught in a trap, like an outwitted fox
It seemed as though his features had frozen into a diabolical grin at the world he had left and outwitted.
Sabin said, rising slowly to his feet, and with a sudden intent look upon his face, "and if I were to be outwitted by such a novice as you I should deserve to end my days - in New York.
Notwithstanding his regret at an event that might prove fatal to the sleepers, and some little vexation at having been so completely outwitted, in the dialogue just related, the old man continued to maintain his air of inflexible composure.