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The women's team also has four new faces as the usual heavyweights were outwitted by upcoming players.
A remarkably astute individual who '' followed his players' every movement virtually 24-hours a day and was rarely outwitted by any of them, Big Jock could be uproariously funny at times.
New Zealand 36 England 13 ENGLAND were overrun, outwitted and outclassed by the All Blacks, but both Chris Robshaw and Stuart Lancaster insist they return home with heads held high.
Contains a lovely message about how bullies can be stood up to and outwitted, and that size isn't everything, but it's a shame that all the characters seem to be male.
An evil ninja transforms into a terrible dragon that has to be outwitted and an ancient amulet recovered.
SELDOM have I seen a team so thoroughly outwitted by an opposing manager as Chelsea were by Jos Mourinho last week.
In the end, Manning outwitted his older rival and made a high-speed bid for freedom, while Bugner was sent home.
At the end of the fourth film, Detective Hoffman (Mandylor) outwitted FBI profiler Strahm (Patterson) to continue Jigsaw's grotesque plan.
Henin-Hardenne outsmarted and outwitted Maria Sharapova 4-6 6-1 6-4 in her semi-final.
Indians relate to (and outwit) white men who hardly know they've been outwitted.
The movements of a figure lifting a boulder to stop up the mouth of a cave are vaguely discernible and on closer inspection turn out to be scenes from '50s and '60s movie versions of the Odyssey, specifically the story of Polyphemus, the blinded Cyclops who, having been outwitted by Odysseus, angrily and futilely threw a huge rock at his departing ship.
It is one thing to be outwitted, quite another to be outwitted by a sheep.