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The government,facing growing demand for homes from ``key workers'' in the public services, is tightening the rules and cutting discounts,but would-be buyers may be outwitting the system.
I had thought that a candidate would have been assessed on his potential ability to outwit the criminal mind rather than his acumen in outwitting a police examiner by means of erudition and English grammar.
Outwitting the high-tech security cameras, alarms, motion sensors and 24-hour guards, the pair of thieves made off with the canvasses by simply employing a ladder, a large piece of cloth and rope.
Rhymes and riddles have been a major feature of RTE Radio One's Liveline for nearly a month, with clue-setter Michael Holmes outwitting listeners.
His new book, Outwitting Bears (Lyons Press, $14.95), is a comprehensive guide to responsibly protecting wild bears while safeguarding our property and families.
Desperate to find in the cartoon and trading-card craze some kind of "Christian message" that might help reach the preteen crowd, the Church of England's Anne Richards was quoted in the Guardian Unlimited (June 9, 2000): "At first I found [discerning a Christian message] difficult, since so much of Pokemon is concerned with fighting battles and outwitting opponents, but I have changed my mind after having seen the movie." Richards, theology secretary of the church's Board of Mission, has come to see the--by most accounts painfully forgettable--movie as a tale of Christian sacrifice and redemption.
Adler offers over 100 truly ingenious methods for outwitting these voracious ungulates.
The moves are aimed at outwitting the gangs who steal and print forms to obtain drugs for free.