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Outwitting the high-tech security cameras, alarms, motion sensors and 24-hour guards, the pair of thieves made off with the canvasses by simply employing a ladder, a large piece of cloth and rope.
Desperate to find in the cartoon and trading-card craze some kind of "Christian message" that might help reach the preteen crowd, the Church of England's Anne Richards was quoted in the Guardian Unlimited (June 9, 2000): "At first I found [discerning a Christian message] difficult, since so much of Pokemon is concerned with fighting battles and outwitting opponents, but I have changed my mind after having seen the movie.
Adler offers over 100 truly ingenious methods for outwitting these voracious ungulates.
The news that travel firms may find a loophole by going into business while they are in international skies or waters seems like a good way of outwitting the bureaucrats.
The moves are aimed at outwitting the gangs who steal and print forms to obtain drugs for free.
Brentford impressively exposed the Turf Moor side as mere pretenders in the promotion stakes by outwitting them in all areas.