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After all that excitement we repaired back to our own HQ, Acklam Steelworks football ground, and determined to cast aside our outworn method and work even harder at improving.
Erdogan said after receiving the prize from Jean-Paul Carteron, founder and chairman of the Crans Montana Forum that it was outworn and racist to classify people according to their races, colors of their skin and their religious beliefs in today's globalizing world.
When the American Society for Theatre Research honored him with its distinguished scholar award in 1995, he gave an eloquent speech urging the profession to embrace new ideas, reminding them that history (about which he knew a lot) would pass them by if they clung to that which was outworn."
Abdul Akbar Chitrali, who is also a chairman of Ittehad ul Ulema-e-Islam (IUI) claimed former federal minister and MNA of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) on point of order in the assembly session had termed polygamy as outworn, which was openly blaspheming of the holy Book of Islam.
Leaving the outworn past behind and going forward trusting good, brings love's blessings to us all.
In the last half of the twentieth century the concept of aesthetics was widely reviled as an outworn, exclusive and meaningless concept.
Where are these pallid and ill-nourished youngsters, their clothing threadbare and outworn? If you can pinpoint them then you have better eyesight than mine.
But from 1881 onwards - first of all in Paris - the cabaret with its attacks on hypocrisy and outworn social mores was always a meeting place for radical artists and thinkers, writers, painters and the socially disenfranchised.
The massive publicity that accompanied the arrival of Nissan and other investors helped to jolt perceptions of the region from the outworn 19th Century heavy manufacturing image.
They proposed "dismissing the movement's outworn techniques in favour of carefully calculated public relations propaganda, ...
While we still lived in England, where I was born, Auntie would frequently gather together outworn garments which her family had discarded and prepare them for the Women's Guild of our local Anglican Church.