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Whether these are comfortable habits or holding on to outworn patterns because they feel safe, only you can say.
In the last half of the twentieth century the concept of aesthetics was widely reviled as an outworn, exclusive and meaningless concept.
The healthy children have 'apple faces'; the sick mother's body is 'an outworn glove'.
But from 1881 onwards - first of all in Paris - the cabaret with its attacks on hypocrisy and outworn social mores was always a meeting place for radical artists and thinkers, writers, painters and the socially disenfranchised.
The massive publicity that accompanied the arrival of Nissan and other investors helped to jolt perceptions of the region from the outworn 19th Century heavy manufacturing image.
They proposed "dismissing the movement's outworn techniques in favour of carefully calculated public relations propaganda, .
While we still lived in England, where I was born, Auntie would frequently gather together outworn garments which her family had discarded and prepare them for the Women's Guild of our local Anglican Church.
and continues using outworn, so-called "translations," some of which are, to say the least, mechanistic nonsense.
But no: He soon rejected the evocative 1946 titles like "Buried Sun" and "Theopathic Entities" (saying they had been forced on his work) and pointedly declared his commitment to "an unqualified art, not illustrating outworn myths or contemporary alibis.
The challenge to risk is first taken up by the writers, who model for us ways to begin revising outworn attitudes.
Instead it is what Marshall McLuhan called a sunset effect, a strident exaggeration of aspects of an outworn paradigm.
n Northern Ireland pop group Ash, who played at the pre-referendum pop concert with U2, said: "We were born during the troubles and don't want to see outworn attitudes holding our country in the past.