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WINDOW. An opening made in the wall of a house to admit light and air, and to enable those who are in to look out.
     2. The owner has a right to make as many windows in his house when not built on the line of his property as he may deem proper, although by so doing be may destroy the privacy of his neighbors. Bac. Ab. Actions in general, B.
     3. In cities and towns it is evident that the owner of a house cannot open windows in the partition wall without the consent of the owner of the adjoining property, unless he possesses the right of having ancient lights. (q.v.) The opening of such windows and destroying the privacy of the adjoining property, is not, however, actionable; the remedy against such encroachment is by obstructing them, without encroaching upon the rights of the party who opened them, so as to prevent a right from being acquired by twenty years use. 3 Camp. 82.

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Fenestral otospongiosis describes disease affecting the oval window which produces CHL.
Then, bone chips obtained from the stapes suprastructure were placed around the shaft of the prosthesis to seal the oval window.
If a piston prosthesis has been displaced from the oval window because of ankylosis to the lenticular process, use a laser to detach the prosthesis.
Elimination of the third-window effect occurs, thus reestablishing a two-window system between the oval window and the site of canal dehiscence.
Most cases are caused by a rupture of the round window membrane (RWM) or the oval window ligament secondary to trauma or stress.
Care is taken not to traumatize the spherical recess of the saccule straight through the oval window because any small break in this area results in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow; if a CSF leak does occur, it should be packed off.
The eustachian tube orifice, the oval window, and the round window were also filled with granulation tissue.
7,8) Blast injuries may cause disruption of the round or oval window membranes and result in sensorineural loss, but noise-induced temporary or permanent threshold shifts have also been described with these injuries.
8-mm fluoroplastic prosthesis was inserted, and the oval window niche was sealed off with fat.
A dark area could be seen in the footplate that represented a fistula in the oval window (figure).
A piece of loose areolar tissue was harvested through a postauricular incision and used to seal the oval window.
Iatrogenic CSF leaks commonly occur through the cells of the petrous apex to the tympanic cavity or eustachian tube, through the perilabyrinthine cells to the mastoid antrum, through the mastoid air cells at the craniotomy site, or through an opened vestibule and oval window.