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By measuring the overabundance of certain molybdenum isotopes, researchers can determine the original amount of zirconium created by the explosion.
According to research reported April 21, 2016 in the journal Cell, a genetic defect that becomes apparent with aging is thought to trigger an overabundance of "complement proteins" that mark unwanted connections for elimination, causing too many synapses to be destroyed by the microglia.
Flat graphics and an overabundance of text was no longer enough to engage turn-of-the-century digital natives.
In sections on subjects and objects, accumulation and reduction, and the past, he considers objective enumeration, alien enumeration, abundance, overabundance, reduction, history as a list, and enumeration and rewriting.
We do seem to have an overabundance of Pelagianists these days, and I find myself wishing Camille had expanded on her questions of "Why concern ourselves with what people think about God anyway?
The mice with an overabundance of NAMPT in the fat tissue appeared unaffected by the period of time without food, remaining at activity levels similar to normal mice without food restriction.
Any involved in music or music education will find fascinating and revealing this survey revealing how an overabundance of classically-trained musicians in America is causing employment issues for all.
The likelihood of contamination is minimal, "but an overabundance of caution is a good thing," Harwood said.
Analysts also pointed to comments by several senior administration officials this month about a possible overabundance of certain types of crude, particularly the variety produced in the Eagle Ford shale, which is rich in condensate.
The students found a definite overabundance of deer in Hamilton, about four times the size of a healthy population, and their findings indicated an increase in negative interactions between humans and deer.
Should you find yourself short on ideas in this season of plenty, consider these tips from our Facebook community for ensuring your overabundance of homegrown produce gets put to good use.
"It's interesting that both an overabundance of this protein and a total lack of it result in similar disruptions in how stem cells divide," Ghashghaei said.