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There have not been an overabundance of fast track and expedited routes for nurses to obtain masters and doctoral degrees, and even fewer opportunities for faculty/practice joint appointments.
The rapid rate of research has created an overabundance of protocols from lab to lab, some conflicting.
I refer to the overabundance of vehicles cavalierly parked on pavements in residential areas, severely restricting pedestrian access and in a large number of instances completely blocking the pathway.
As society is now learning, overabundance can be a challenge just as deprivation is a challenge.
Researchers report that the animals are able to predict when spruce trees will produce an overabundance of seed cones, their main food source.
In fact, technology is already beginning to displace immigrant labor in agriculture, bringing costs down and causing an overabundance of workers in many agricultural areas.
This touches on a very interesting question that I tried to get at in the book: Does an overabundance of choice inhibit freedom, and if so what can you do about it?
The ONP market is also suffering from an overabundance of supply as well, sources say, as newspapers are still thick with holiday advertising.
So it is with some surprise and disappointment that her autobiography appears to be a trawl through her early, adulterous marriage, fuelled by an overabundance of alcohol.
However, he cautioned that the overabundance of developments springing up outside of Manhattan means that if the market goes south in the city, the outer-boroughs could crumble.
It is used in Hot/ Dry conditions related to an overabundance of the Fire element.