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overabundant reality, which forged forever the background of a
through a trophic cascade, similar to that caused by overabundant deer in the northern hemisphere' (Dexter et al.
In this way, the negative influence of overabundant iterations in each scale is effectively restrained.
Models to estimate deer abundance have been developed because of the demand for management of overabundant deer (Iijima et al.
The microsite is designed to help mining professionals address water accessibility, transport and quality challenges in even the most remote regions, where water can either be overabundant or scarce.
Selective browsing by overabundant deer reduces species richness and overall abundance of tree seedlings (Rooney and Waller, 2003; Collard et al, 2010; Tanentzap et al, 2011), as well as abundance and growth of individual species such as sugar maple and northern red oak (Quercus rubra; Tilghman, 1989; Waller and Maas, 2013).
The Savage Professor is a fresh twist on the arguably overabundant murder mystery.
The paper--titled "Regulated Commercial Harvest to Manage Overabundant White-Tailed Deer: An Idea to Consider?"--laid out a careful argument in favor of allowing hunters to sell deer meat and other parts.
These opportunities range from "evidence-based strategies," i.e., using the unprecedented wealth of usage data to track patron behavior and tailor decisions accordingly, to "quality strategies" which position librarians as providers of value in an age of cheap, overabundant information.
However, some refiners are likely to blend oil sands crude with overabundant super-light US condensate, creating medium blends that may rival Saudi Arabia's main grade, said Citi global commodities strategist Ed Morse.
My teacher, Myrtle Morrill, was very nice and patient with my, shall we say, overabundant energy!
Glean gardener-to-gardener, tried-and-true tips for troubleshooting peak-season challenges, such as relentless heat, pernicious plant diseases and even keeping up with overabundant harvests.