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But there's always a very contemporary, unexpected and/or winningly revealing scene around the bend from every overacted cliche.
Nothing in this rings true and even the honorable efforts of Gary Sinise, Charlize Theron, an impressive opening scene and a few interesting plot twists can't save this overblown and overacted actioner from imploding.
Leo was up against his old gangster friend Mostyn, a leading light in the not too terrifying Taffia, who was shamelessly overacted throughout by the rather unattractive remains of Hywel Bennett.
Although he overacted, Floyd actually had pretty good timing.
If the movie is visually dizzying, stridently overacted, and beyond tasteless, it's also staggeringly ambitious and the next best thing to irresistible.
A neurologist proposes to operate, but George correctly guesses that surgery will probably end his life and sends the surgeon packing with an overacted tirade about the human capacity for achievement and enlightenment.
However, some tapes, such as "How To Deal With Difficult People," are overacted, which lessens the impact of an otherwise sound message.
A section of behind-the-bike-shed gigglers actually enjoy this woefully scripted, wildly overacted tosh.