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Ductions and versions were full, with bilateral overaction in adduction and V pattern, which remained unchanged after extensive facial bones surgical procedures.
He blamed a market overaction to bad inflation numbers for the jump up in rates during the first quarter.
Inferior oblique muscle overaction (IOOA) was classified by Parks6 into two groups: primary and secondary.
These three conditions are latent nystagmus, dissociated (vertical) deviation (DVD), and inferior oblique overaction.
Of course, sometimes the movement is an overaction to current events.
demonstrated that unilateral inferior oblique myectomy performed in 27 eyes with superior oblique palsy resulted in almost complete resolution of inferior oblique overaction and abnormal head position postoperatively.
Brinkmann said that July's uptick in mortgage rates, which are closely tied to the 10-year treasury bond, was prompted by overaction in the market.
The weakening surgical prosedures for elimination of overaction of the inferior oblique muscle.