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I thought I was a little overanxious and almost had too much energy to start the game," Hunwick said.
With both teams possibly overanxious to get their 2007 campaign off on the right foot, execution seemed to be the last facet to return to form.
Early in the game, we were a little overanxious," coach Milewski said.
All that really mattered was that rather than work the count, Pierre got overanxious.
Because I'd like to get in and out of Charleroi without any dramas, laughing off all the doom- mongering as overanxious hype along with the rest of you.
He was probably the only one who didn't feel overanxious going into the game, and that's the guy you expect to be overanxious.
Abreu also committed twoerrors, both in the fifth inning and both on throws to first, a sign he might have been overanxious.
He throws a lot of batting-practice fastballs, and sometimes you get overanxious and end up rolling over or popping up.
The Dodgers didn't get another runner past second base against him on an evening when their overanxious hitters clearly would have been better served by taking a few more pitches and working a few more counts.
After Corpas retired the overanxious Kent, Rockies manager Clint Hurdle brought in lefty Jeremy Affeldt.
I had a tendency even in the minor leagues to get overanxious and start trying to do too much.