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We just have to go out and impose ourselves a bit more but we don't feel overawed by this at all.
"I don't think we will be overawed. To me - and I think to a lot of the girls - yes, City have got some England senior players but you are not scared of anyone.
fair and but I was with his He overawed rutherford " Luke's twin Pat was withdrawn as he's at the Olympic qualifying event in Hungary which starts on Friday
Everyone was raving about England international Steve Coppell and they were all warning Chris not to get overawed by the winger's reputation.
"n p we won't be fazed or overawed - we were delighted with the draw TOM TAIWO
Yes, I am very excited, but it is important to not get overawed. I want to take whatever comes my way and do the best to my ability.
I was overawed with the dedication and professionalism of all concerned who treated me, starting with the paramedics and ambulance team, the stroke team/day and night staff and not forgetting the auxilliaries and porters,.
A spokesman for Jammu and Kashmir Muslim League quoted Mushtaq-ul-Islam, currently serving detention at Kot Bhalwal Jail in Jammu, as having said, "The sons of freedom movement cannot be sacred or overawed by the detentions and martyrdoms.
FORMER captain Inzamamul- Haq feels Pakistan were psychologically under pressure against South Africa and advised the national team players to stop being overawed by the world's number one Test team.
There is of course a danger that Liverpool''s young players could be overawed by the occasion.
"The field did make me a bit nervous but you can't get overawed. Don't get overawed because you're in there as well, you're competing with them, you just have to believe you're good enough to compete with them."
Suffice to say that this young man, a keen horror fan, was so overawed at meeting his heroes that he lost control of several bodily functions, including speech.