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We need people who believe in small government, not a large overbearing one that invades every part of out lives to the point of regulating what we can grow for our own consumption.
Little does Ian realise the chaos of a Greek wedding, masterminded by Toula's overbearing aunt, Voula.
Jim Broadbent is perfect as the overbearing chancer who blends charm with callousness, while Colin Firth delivers a moving performance as the son who seeks his approval.
Not only is Keaton still landing leading roles, like the overbearing mother in new comedy Because I Said So, but she's as busy as ever.
To the chagrin of his overbearing teacup Chihuahua, Poncho, Brendan Kelly made time for me in order to answer some burning questions.
Your dad is strict because he loves you, but strictness can be overbearing.
Dresher's score inclines to the overbearing and overamplified.
Olson believes the evolutionists are right, but he also thinks they're overbearing and inept at public relations.
Stephen Harper evoked slack-jawed wonderment in Canada's press just prior to this January's election when he opined that our Supreme Court was well stacked with overbearing lefties out to redraw the traditional lines of jurisprudence.
Just add enough essential oils to impart a light scent, because many scents can be overbearing (lavender essential oil is always a good choice, as it is Safe for almost everyone).
Then came the velvet ropes separating the "stars" from the gawkers, the red-carpet vanity walks and overbearing paparazzi.
North Gosforth Parish Council chairman Valerie Hay, of Kirkwood Place, said: "I'm quite pleased, because it would have been overbearing and caused major traffic problems.