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Tainted by sadness (it deals with the loss of his mother to cancer earlier this year) the resulting record is overbearingly dark.
The resulting record is overbearingly dark: the sombre tone only broken once by the punchy piano chords and upbeat lyrics of Give Me What I Want And Give It To Me Now
Henchard began his relationship with Farfrae by being overbearingly friendly, but he becomes jealous of Farfrae's popularity.
When Catherine unselfconsciously praises a room and its view of a cottage, the General overbearingly compliments her and announces that he is sure the room will be redone to accommodate her taste.
We begin to see its more specific character in some of the most overbearingly ironic of the narrator's remarks, such as the implication that the community takes pride in ("might have boasted of") its illiteracy rate.
Alas, in context of both the story and the endless stream of travelogue landscape shots of the Pyramids and Old Cairo, these scenes are swallowed whole by a general perspective -- no different than her 2005 effort "Sabah" -- that veers towards orientalism, augmented with Siddig's trite and overbearingly expositive lines that are chiefly comprised of "In Egypt, we do this, in Egypt, we do that.
Their dad, Brian (Jason Patric), takes the news better than morn Sara (Cameron Diaz), who is fiercely and overbearingly devoted to Kate's welfare, often to the neglect of her husband, younger daughter and son Jesse (Evan Ellingson).
While the public is frequently, even overbearingly, reminded of economic slumps caused by stock markets and the related woes of the financial/industrial sectors, the historical case indicates, "Real estate slumpsC*had unleashed greater economic dislocationC*than comparable stock market downturnsC*.
As a result, she finds him reassuringly helpful rather than overbearingly intimidating.
Dad was almost overbearingly present when it came to applying to college, and even selecting courses.
It's healthful without being overbearingly healthy," Petusevsky said.