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An argument can lose its force also, not by having been anticipated in its concrete singularity, but if it can be shown, by labeling it with a technical term [in this case hoax], that it belongs to the category of arguments that the theoreticians have picked out and classified as overbold .
40) By the fall of 1651, the main charges against him had been reduced to three: that he was a Calvinist since he refused to give the blessed Cross the adoration of Latria; that he was overbold in condemning the display of the Holy Trinity; and that he was sapiens heresim (savoring heresy) by stating that English clergy might possess the character of priesthood.
This tale of two roads and four locales provides an opportunity to discuss quoted matter and some seemingly overbold assertions.
Madame Geoffrin silenced her overbold guests with her famous 'Voila qui est bien'--'That's enough for now,'" Dr.
Earth, at least, takes--and rebukes--them seriously: "It is thou who art overbold," she assures the speaker (19).
A rough-looking young man in a black sweater (his teeth closed tight and his brow furrowed as though he were squinting into the sun) looked out from what I took to be the loops and bars of his own overbold signature, written across the sky.
Unsympathetic readers may find his assertions overbold, improbable, or at times even daft.