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The Rio Tinto Borax mine will see the quantity of stripped overburden soar to 100 Mt this year, from 18-23 Mt.
Research conducted on overburden from other properties in the region and published by a group from Pennsylvania State University, suggests that the rock (overburden) can be successfully leached with several different organic solvents with encouraging recoveries.
The 160 m long stacker dumps the overburden to a depth of 400m from its 127 m long boom.
The rather high stripping ratio for the existing and future pits is compensated for by the fact that most of the waste to be stripped is soft and easily dug overburden, which can be handled by bucket wheels.
Alrosas technology was formed in the Siberian tundra and Teeling signifies that the Russian firm considers explicitly that they can see through 85 or 100 metres of overburden to see whats beneath and thats whats needed in Botswana.
Arriving at a rate of around 35 truck loads per hour, equivalent to 2 Mt of overburden per month, the material dumped is levelled by a 90 t Tiger 690B wheel dozer.
Overburden Exploration provided consulting and field management services, as well as commercial lab processing for the exploration sector.
Tenders are invited for I 6 Inch Digger Hammer Suitable To 150 Mm Dia Drilling With 215 Mm Overburden Bit By 675 Cfm175 Psi 1000 Cfm 275 Psi Capacity Hydraulically Operated Drilling Rigs, Ii.
Spain's Encasur mining company (Empresa Nacional Carbonifera del Sur) has recently put to work the first Orenstein & Koppel (O&K) model RH 120 C hydraulic excavator to be used in the country, where it is employed in removing overburden at the Emma opencast coal mine at Puertollano, 230 km south of Madrid.
recently completed a power-stripping - the clearing away of overburden materials - and chip-sampling program on 35 claims on a pair of properties in Mine Centre.