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Couldn't we just give huge ticket price incentives to Scots travelling to London so they travel via a Carlisle and Newcastle route taking passengers away from the overburdened West coast?
According to the Port Authority, the airport provides service to Florida, Atlanta, Detroit and Philadelphia, which doesn't exactly make it seem like much of an alternative to the trio of overburdened airports that ring the city.
Private vendors are already overburdened, and some are unable to serve special education and bilingual students, Chicago officials say.
FIXING OVERBURDENED MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEMS One-third of 501 community leaders identified mental health treatment programs as one of the most overburdened community resources, according to a survey released in November by the Campaign for the Mind of America.
And Councillor John Spanswick said: ``Such development would inevitably bring additional pupils into already overburdened junior schools locally.
Three-dimensional models will be developed; one of deposit locations and another of the overburdened areas of the greenstone belt.
The IRS, hoping that the overburdened tax-paying public would be scandalized by the information, claims that "tax-avoidance drains $70 billion from federal revenue each year.
GUATEMALA Government sues nine tobacco companies, saying its public health system was overburdened by sick smokers from 1973 to 1997.
I hope that the city of Palmdale wises up before the Fourth of July, which is only a few weeks away, so that our already overburdened firefighters do not have to risk life and limb to something so unnecessary, given all of the alternative choices.
Following the loss of the broadcast facilities atop the World Trade Center, the New York market was left with the overburdened Empire State Building to handle all television and FM broadcast requirements.