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Research by Urban Owners found leaseholders were overcharged by an average of pounds 400 a year.
Trusted: Stephen Spencer overcharged elderly patients.
In its defense, a BNY Mellon spokesman last week rejected the allegation that the bank had overcharged the Massachusetts Pension Reserves Investment Management Board for the foreign currency exchange transactions, noting that rates were posted daily and the state "had the ability every morning before 11 a.
The National Housing Federation said millions of hard-up families who use the meters were overcharged by pounds 464 million between 2006 and the end of last year.
Even as recently as January, the chairman of the Financial Regulator denied that the regulator had a close relationship with the banks and ironically cited the recovery of overcharged fees as evidence of its toughness," Mr McErlean said.
Companies can be overcharged because of technology changes, organizational restructuring, changes in regulations or tax law, complex or malfunctioning garbage company billing software and simple error.
I understand that customers should not be overcharged but I am sure the small number of people concerned should report them to the Hackney Association and those drivers would be dealt with.
The Flomaster sprayer was the only item overcharged.
Last week the manager of the Wigan store banned pensioner Ronnie Helsby, 67, from every B & Q in Britain after he had the audacity to complain because they'd overcharged him by pounds 45.
A PENSIONER has been banned from every B&Q store in Britain - after he was overcharged and demanded a refund.
He estimates that nine out of 10 Colorado businesses have been or are being overcharged for workers' compensation insurance premiums.
Japan's 10 major electric power companies have overcharged customers 263.