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An initial inspection in April found an error rate of 7 percent based on seven overcharges from an inspection lot of 100 items.
But despite the hundreds of complaints, Humphreys said fewer than 1 percent of the gas pumps his office inspects overcharge customers.
The overcharges arise from various abuses that result in restricting generic competition, promoting off-label use for prescriptions and marketing defective products.
Although shippers are free to take any of those approaches to handling overcharges, there are some rules that both shippers and carriers must follow when handling overcharge claims.
It's rare that we don't find overcharges when we review a company's records," said Schiff.
There could be as much as pounds 4billion in overcharges owed by banks to business customers," he said.
Overcharges develop as data is transferred between computer systems.
By including the potential amounts in the total dollar value of the complaint, critics charged, the government was presenting a vastly inflated impression of the overcharges.
Lead Counsel has directed the Claims Administrator to mail checks to Class Members for overcharges on Visa and MasterCard signature debit and credit card transactions during the period October 1992 to July 2003.
The county's Buyer Beware program, which was launched in February 2002, has helped reduce scanner overcharges by 75 percent, saving consumers tens of millions of dollars a year, county officials said last month.
Items being incorporated include the four-year statute of limitations on overcharge complaints, luxury decontrol, and the de minimus policy so overcharges cannot be obtained for items like paint color.
Regardless of the block, Bedell spent the firstpart of 1984 working very hard at introducing spare parts amendments and educating his colleagues as to the outrageousness of parts overcharges, the Gould contract being his main example.