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To report an overcharge, call (562) 940-8916 or see http://acwm.
Hidden Wealth Consultants (HWC) recovers hidden overcharges on various types of bills.
Regardless of how third-party payers recover overcharges, the results have substantially improved the payers' bottom lines.
It's all contingent upon us finding overcharges for them.
And virtually 99 per cent of the mistakes we detect are overcharges rather than undercharges.
This comes four years after the disclosure of widespread overcharges by thrifts holding such mortgages.
During the past two decades, the county's one inspector checked retail accuracy at an average of 650 stores a year, finding overcharges on 4 percent to 7 percent of items purchased.
But if the case goes to an actual trial, the city pays around 9 percent interest on the overcharges.
Both county and Bell officials maintain that the overcharges, which had been occurring since the center opened in 1989, were unintentional and not the result of any efforts by the phone company to take advantage of the county.
Whether the complaint was overcharge, fair market rent appeal, harassment or decreased services, we found time and again that a well-documented and thoroughly researched presentation would be well-received by DHCR.
Overcharges will be detected and recovered by automating fee error reporting through Bank Fee Analysis.