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He said overcharging from passengers on highways and motorway would not be tolerated and even a single penny would be returned to people.
None of the names of hospitals or doctors involved in overcharging were released, but Mr Kilcoyne said they should be named and shamed.
The survey showed that the gadgets most often left overcharging or on standby in Coventry are mobile phones (66 per cent), laptops (53 per cent), TVs (47 per cent) and television boxes (37 per cent), with the most common reasons being forgetting they are on charge (47 per cent), leaving them on charge is easier than switching them off properly (30 per cent) and simply being lazy (22 per cent).
The move will be welcomed by the head of the Paphos regional board of tourism, Nassos Hadjigeorgiou, who says a solution to the long-standing problem of overcharging must be found immediately, to prevent further damage to the tourism industry.
As a shareholder and director Spencer potentially stood to gain from a distribution of profits and overcharging of clients would contribute to profit.
He said he reported the overcharging to senior management in 2001 then to Ireland's Financial Regulator office, but no action was taken.
Bolger took legal action against the bank in July 2002 after the discovery of overcharging on his AIB account in 1998.
The inspectors are kept busy as hundreds of complaints about overcharging pour into the office.
In the survey, the ministry found 623 new cases of overcharging, involving about 8.
Dave Ravenscroft, of Birmingham Trading Standards, said: "This is one of the worst cases of overcharging we have come across.
95 billion yen in compensation for overcharging the agency on procurement contracts, NASDA officials said.
The Republic of Ireland's deputy prime minister Mary Harney has called on Tesco to reimburse the customers it has admitted overcharging (The Grocer, March 27, p8).