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like overclouded ovid in Asia Minor at the grave of his brother
The use of streams and rivers as outlets for sewage and solid waste disposal, the overclouded living conditions of urban areas (particularly Freetown), and the high reliance on pit latrines have ail increased the incidence of waterborne diseases (Blinker, 2006).
Yet, though Leonardo may have felt occult philosophy promised a "strange swiftness and double sight," in pursuing it "his clear purpose was overclouded" (107).
When he discusses the relationship between duty and moral worth, he writes: Suppose then that the mind of this friend of man [who used to act out of 'inclination'] were overclouded by sorrows of his own which extinguished all sympathy with the fate of others, but that he still had power to help those in distress, though no longer stirred by the need of others because sufficiently occupied with his own; and suppose that, when no longer moved by any inclination, he tears himself out of this deadly insensibility and does the action without any inclination for the sake of duty alone; then for the first time his action has its genuine moral worth.
The sky was overclouded and looked threatening, so we got supper at the H.B.C.'s house, and stayed for the night, having made 35 miles.
Death overclouded her hour of dissolution the doctor - a stranger - who was