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Thinkers like Jacques Ellul have expressed this in terms of the potential for an upward spiral in which the use of violence to overcome oppression justifies further violence on the part of the oppressor, which demands yet more violence to bring about an end to the situation.
The culmination of that courage found its expression in The Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation and De Tristitia Christi, More's two Tower works, the second of which reveals the depth of the fear he had to overcome.
For anyone trying to keep the love strong in their own households, or who may have begun to doubt whether brothers and sisters can overcome the centuries of baggage and pain we carry around in our damaged hearts and soul, Love Supreme offers a series of affirmations that black love is indeed alive and well.
Clinicians who use the 12-step model frequently try to induce motivation in people referred to their programs by challenging them to overcome denial of their addiction and to heed a higher spiritual power.
We can overcome greed with the weapon of generosity; we can overcome hatred with the weapon of loving kindness; we can overcome delusion with the weapon of wisdom.
To take the true facts and obscure them - and then turn the blame on the anti-war movement-to me is an extremely successful piece of propaganda and something the anti-war movement very much needs to overcome.
Mistreatment by a partner usually is considered physical, so most books on abuse focus on physical abuse--but verbal abuse is just as damaging, and THE SECRET OF OVERCOMING VERBAL ABUSE: GETTING OFF THE EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER AND REGAINING CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE tells how to overcome it.
Because professors must frequently integrate new information into an existing knowledge base, they may devise memory strategies that overcome some of the biological glitches of the aging brain, the investigators propose in the September Psychological Science.