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Global Banking News-January 30, 2013--Nordea overcomes losses in 2012(C)2013 ENPublishing -
Sweden-based Nordea has announced that it was able to overcome its losses in 2012.
The BGSA system overcomes the cost and quality issues by using generic double-sided PSAs and a process of securely bonding the tapes to custom elastomer extruded profiles in a high quality one-step process.
There are a number of challenges that engineers must overcome to achieve a quality seal.
The most frequently mentioned virtue translates into English as "overcoming." For example, addressing the Church at Smyrna, the sacred author writes, "He who overcomes shall not be hurt by the second death" (Apoc 2:11).
ARTeological, a design studio, overcomes obstacles to market multicultural products
Finally, in stressing the binding role of the monastic condition and "religion" (re-ligare), he overcomes any tendency to separate monasticism from the world, refusing to slide into facile arguments based on the "worldliness" of monks to make the appeal of the Brethren even more apparent.
The RP-1 reportedly overcomes one of the biggest obstacles in durable-goods recycling - identification of darkly pigmented materials.
So I always wondered if on the inside he might be one of those dreadful types who "overcomes" his disability, who climbs mountains and wrestles alligators just to prove he's not really one of us.
It is not clear that Whitehead, with his duality of technical and aesthetic educations, quite overcomes this.
A person who overcomes an amputation usually has a strong support group to depend on, to encourage them, to laugh and cry with, and to help them through a period of adjustment.
Ruggiero, however, overcomes these stereotypical categories to bring to life a world that operates in the grey areas or, better still, in the full array of colors that constitutes early modern Venice.