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For example, addressing the Church at Smyrna, the sacred author writes, "He who overcomes shall not be hurt by the second death" (Apoc 2:11).
Hannover overcomes injuries: Hannover 96, despite the absence of 12 injured players - including U.
It is not clear that Whitehead, with his duality of technical and aesthetic educations, quite overcomes this.
A person who overcomes an amputation usually has a strong support group to depend on, to encourage them, to laugh and cry with, and to help them through a period of adjustment.
Lens Overcomes Flaws in Outdated Technology; Can Be Mounted on All Standard Video Surveillance Equipment
They do, though, when Goliath overcomes tumors, poverty, doubts and constant medical supervision to carve a place in the NBA.
But, the successful transformation of military communications depends on the integration of emerging technologies in a network centric environment that overcomes the physical limitations of existing networks," said Teicher.
UpBeat Audio's new Boostaroo Revolution(R) overcomes the low volume and flat sound problems sometimes associated with listening to digital music and movies on portable players.
AccuRev is based on a unique, stream-based architecture, which overcomes the inadequacies of file-based branch and label tools and supports large and complex development projects with very little administrative overhead.
Yankee Irving - the working title of the film - was very close to his heart, following the story of a boy who overcomes personal obstacles to realize his large dreams.
CABC's Private Broadcast Network overcomes network and connectivity constraints that have limited the ability of corporations to reach an entire online audience regardless of location, connectivity and mobility.
Offering unprecedented scalability and availability, coupled with unique network virtualization features, BeaconWorks overcomes the obstacles inherent in traditional WLAN systems to provide enterprises and service providers with the first economical and practical solution for building seamless and pervasive wireless networks.