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However, more accurate information was rapidly generated about the extermination of herds and any overcommitment of resources was short-lived.
Moreover, it substitutes new projects and "spreads the wealth" across both defense contractors and congressional districts to the extent that it should allow scale-back of the F-35 overcommitment with the least pain.
As I tried to plow through in spite of my private questions, the tough treatment I weathered in my own ministry--exacerbated by overcommitment and my failure to find a proper support base--finally hit home.
A report to county councillors next week says the national Building Schools for the Future programme has been reviewed with the aim of cutting costs and reducing its current overcommitment.
The challenge with entrepreneurs--the biggest mojo killer--is overcommitment.
This is to safeguard against any overcommitment," he said.
Others argue that the linkage between consensus and the Uruguay Round-style "single undertaking" resulted in overcommitment among many WTO members, engendering resistance to any further extension of the WTO agenda.
All Blackburn could offer was commitment - or overcommitment in the case of El Hadj Diouf, whose wicked, late lunge on Manuel Almunia prompted a yellow card when it could easily have been red.
Talk of overcommitment to the current wars suggests there is something more pressing on the horizon.
Although she is proud of her efforts, Payton says she occasionally struggles with volunteer challenges, such as overcommitment and burnout, which she manages by setting clear boundaries and maintaining a balance of activities.
Excessive Kaizen may sometimes adversely result in an overcommitment and may become a hotbed of "Kaizan" in order to meet job quotas and deadlines.
Whether he's been unlucky, whether it was overcommitment in training, whether it was a heavy training session he didn't need I don't know," said McLeish.