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Some of the issues on the investigations were irregular expenditure and overcommitted funds which were never appropriated.
Alex and Tina would be bonded by fear of life passing them by as each approached the big 4-0, while Brett and Michelle bore the crush of being overcommitted adults.
He says he is optimistic about his chances and he hasn't worried about having overcommitted himself to academic and community service obligations that might detract from his research productivity.
They were really good going forward and when we overcommitted, they were clinical.
Volumes were expected to be light, however, with investors wary of being overcommitted ahead of a U.
No grandchild will want to see their grandparent losing out in later life because they have overcommitted when offering to pay their university fees.
One of his oft-repeated lines is that his country is overcommitted in the Middle East and that time has come to give domestic priorities the deserved attention.
But that is the life of a freelance, and because there are two of us in the business, we can always deliver on time during those occasional overcommitted periods.
government is too overcommitted to getting involved in another conflict, while 60 percent of those polled say the rebels may be no better than the present government.
My best guess is he is simply overcommitted writing books, a weekly TV show and a weekly column in Time magazine.
APOEL lost key defender Marcelo Oliveira to injury inside 10 minutes after his standing leg twisted under him as he overcommitted in a tackle.
He was so pleased with the partnership that he has been describing the project to other scientists, hoping to interest them in similar arrangements that would decrease workloads for overcommitted scientists and increase job opportunities for overlooked workers.