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Some of the issues on the investigations were irregular expenditure and overcommitted funds which were never appropriated.
government is too overcommitted to getting involved in another conflict, while 60 percent of those polled say the rebels may be no better than the present government.
My best guess is he is simply overcommitted writing books, a weekly TV show and a weekly column in Time magazine.
We felt we overcommitted at the opposition breakdown.
APOEL lost key defender Marcelo Oliveira to injury inside 10 minutes after his standing leg twisted under him as he overcommitted in a tackle.
He was so pleased with the partnership that he has been describing the project to other scientists, hoping to interest them in similar arrangements that would decrease workloads for overcommitted scientists and increase job opportunities for overlooked workers.
It may look like forced family fun to some, but getting away can do wonders for overstressed, overcommitted, overwhelmed parents and maybe their kids.
In the race to constantly make themselves bigger and better, they have steadily driven up costs and, as a result, are now overstretched, overcommitted and no longer responsive to the needs of learners.
Yet we were keen to have more activities--another Bible Study, a group for new mothers, expanded local mission projects--but everyone was already overcommitted.
We're all leading these overcommitted, hyperbolic lives and juggling incredible demands on all fronts.
He also said the defence budget left by the previous government was "the most chaotic, the most disorganised, the most overcommitted.