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Many prior studies in finance report that overconfident Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) affect the investment decisions of their firms.
Further, the study revealed, overconfident in their abilities, a significant proportion of consumers surveyed fell victim to counterfeit purchases, largely unaware that they could be putting themselves at risk of inferior product performance.
In other words, it is when power holders feel subjectively powerful that they are most vulnerable to overconfident decision-making.
Despite being in the last five acts on the talent show the band are not overconfident saying they can't believe they have got this far.
They may be young, but they're fully conversant in irritating business-speak and overconfident one-liners - they even come equipped with their own power-suits.
Peter lawwell is looking at it, although i am not overconfident on that one.
If managers arc overconfident about their ability to create value, then they are likely to perceive too many investment projects and mergers as being worth undertaking.
Being a nervous driver can be as dangerous as being an overconfident one.
Overconfidence is one of the behavioral biases most frequently discussed in the academic literature, and for some authors (De Bondt and Thaler, 1995) the fact that individuals may be overconfident is perhaps the most robust finding in the field of the psychology of judgment.
Summary: Perhaps we are displaying hubris to conclude that Mossad agents killed Hamas chief Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai last month, but we believe it is the assassination that perfectly reflects the hubris of overconfident and unaware people.
Overconfident and somewhat outspoken, Saffron challenges her teacher's idea of what is needed within a project presentation.
I heard a radio pundit remark earlier this week that it was the first time this season he could recall the Villa manager being publicly negative about his team when in an interview he said: "I thought we were overconfident.