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Mumbai [Maharashtra], Mar 8 ( ANI ): The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has become overconfident and no longer shares good relations with its allies, Shiv Sena said on Thursday.
The guys have a lot of respect for England so I don't think they were overconfident.
Our findings, which may be attributable to overinvestment and the overestimation of future cash flows, imply that R&D resulting from overconfident behavior does not provide any value to firms.
Based on the survey, consumers seem overconfident in their ability to spot a fake, and as a result, are at risk of possible harm.
It is not good to be overconfident as if to say "I'm a doctor" and not keep updating his/her knowledge.
In this Lok Sabha elections, we have to ensure that we do not become overconfident and fight the elections only with confidence," he said.
BUT former Lions are more than ready to fire words of warning to any overconfident tourists after a string of easy wins in Australia.
He said that bankers became overconfident as they sniffed cocaine too often to boost up their risk-taking abilities.
Young Coll starts off overconfident, and finally learns that experience and struggle count in gaining wisdom.
Despite being in the last five acts on the talent show the band are not overconfident saying they can't believe they have got this far.
They may be young, but they're fully conversant in irritating business-speak and overconfident one-liners - they even come equipped with their own power-suits.