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Despite the apparent overcount in the top half of the table, using linked cases actually coded as Medicaid Plus in the ACS, the estimate is 31.
A number of researchers and practitioners claimed an overcount of American Indians, while a number of tribal leaders claimed an undercount of their people.
Almost no one who reports having other health insurance or being uninsured in the CPS actually is recorded as having CHIP alone in the MSIS (1% and 4%, respectively) or CHIP with Medicaid (1% and 2%), though a moderate fraction have Medicaid alone (7% of those reporting other insurance and 31% of the uninsured; this last group induces the overcount of the uninsured).
In response, officials had worked to improve the counting process to minimize errors, be they what came to be called undercounts, overcounts, miscounts, padding, or curbstoning.
For each educator the results were limited to the first year of service in any LIS program in Australia up to the last year plus two additional years; the two additional years were included to cover time lags which generally occur during the publication process (It should be noted that these limits may overcount our values of author productivity).
While the Census has not published any specific rationale for why they chose to adopt this definition, one can speculate that it's designed to estimate the count very conservatively, or perhaps with the theory that it's better to undercount rather than overcount such groups.
An overcount of some groups within the population can occur to the
It also is well-established that censuses and surveys, in some important cases, overcount majorities (e.
David Grieve of Overcount, the organisation that deals with overthe-counter-drug addiction, says that just like Carole, most of the people he helps are far from being stereotypical drug users.
section] Born during January 2003-June 2005 (2006 estimates based on NIS dataset, which was rereleased on February 25, 2008, after correcting for Hispanic overcount in nine states).
In that case, we need to adjust the accuracy computation so that we do not overcount those objects.